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My name is Bettie Bondage. I am an aspiring star of pornography (fetish). I like Bondage, and fucking.
I enjoy long flogging sessions, dirty name-calling, gags, and things that are tight on my neck.
I can most likely take you down with my thighs.
I model (first and foremost) for BellaVendetta.com, an excellent bloody sexy fetish porn site run by the Ms. Bella Vendetta.
You can also see me on GLOOM Nation, as a Grims Girl. This is a "no nudity" site, so don't go expecting to see a speculum in my vagina...that's not there.
I'm also on QualityControl, doing some lovely mummification and general fun bondage.
Aaaand I made a guest appearance as a slave to Mistress Vendetta.